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Our Core Fintech Software Solution

End-to-End fintech app development services.

E-Wallet Services

We provide the users to store money for any future online transaction. Integration of systems like multiple PGI’s, integration of multiple card systems with Euronet and FSS, E-wallets have made it easier for consumers to pay online by purchasing or subscribing. E-wallets have made it easier for consumers to transfer money to friends and family domestically and internationally. Our E-wallet services offer P2P payments that can be initiated through mobile apps or online platforms, with funds being transferred directly from one e-wallet to another.

Online payment and Remittance Services

Customers can transfer payment in multiple corridors with an international money transfer facility. We have facilitated money transfer by connecting Western Union, Master Card, and RAK money transfers. With streamlined technology and end-end solutions, we are ready to provide services in beneficiary management, sell/buy currency, and exchange rate checker.We offer reduced costs and more competitive exchange rates by using digital technology and working under a free internet platform. 

WPS Integration Services

We ensure robust security on our payment’s platform through compliance and stringent third-party audits to reduce fraud activities. We have integrated with multiple WPS systems supporting with mobile apps for employees to remit money, mobile top-up, and utility payments. The system also has an employer supporting mobile app for employee managing, payroll processing and managing card issuance.With the WPS integration in the fintech app development, we focus on enabling users to pay through their smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices.

Utility and bill payment integration

We build utility and bill payment integration services, all through a customized API. With Utility payments API, customers can easily access global services across multiple regions from one place. With the help of aggregators like ONIEC, DIN, DTONE and KEYBIZ, we have integrated utility and bill payment systems for water, electricity, mobile top-ups, insurance for the public. Utilities like traffic fines, vehicle insurance, court payments etc. are facilitated to Government services.We facilitate integration for payment profile management for easy payments etc, are facilitated to for Government services. We facilitate integration for payment profile management for easy payments.

Benefits of fintech software solutions

Enhanced efficiency

Fintech software solutions help automate financial processes, avoiding the need for manual integration. This helps reduce time and resources and lowers the probability of errors in the whole process.

Increased accuracy

Our fintech software solutions utilize sophisticated algorithms and analytics to deliver accurate, precise and valid financial insights and analysis. This is advantageous to the business in making informed decisions and improving financial performance.

Improved security

Our team of fintech software solutions integrates highly sophisticated and advanced security measures to keep financial data and transactions private. This is beneficial in avoiding fraud threats and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Significant accessibility

We offer fintech software solutions accessible from anywhere, anytime, for businesses' financial services. This is helpful to the companies in maintaining their finances, even when they are busy with other work.

Enhanced customer experience

We deliver customer experiences at the zenith by offering rapid, more convenient, and safe payment options. This helps businesses retain customers and attract new ones.

Cost savings

We are ready to help you save your costs by reducing the need for integrating human resources and manual processing. This is beneficial in that it lowers considerable expenses in the long run.

Why Choose our fintech software services

Leading fintech app integrator

Your payment partner

Providing comprehensive and persistent fintech app services for all platforms. When it comes to meeting our customers' needs, our extremely well-defined UI UX design features provide a superior user experience.



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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

A software solution that is intended to manage and enhance a variety of financial activities is referred to as a fintech app. Examples include personal money management, market investments, insurance activities, digital banking, and a wide range of other operations. As mobile banking has become the norm, financial applications have become increasingly popular, and the fintech app market is only expected to expand in the near future.
A fintech app's development costs range between 50K USD TO 300K USD. The exact figure, on the other hand, depends on a lot of different things, like what the intended user base is expecting, the set of features and technologies used, the size of the hired finance app development team, the hourly cost rate, where the trusted app partner is, and more.
Are you unsure of the features your financial app should have? Talk to us; Your unique product idea will receive expert guidance from our professionals.
It could take anywhere from six to twelve months, depending on the team's composition and client requirement.The time duration may range between 4 - 12 months
Yes, Mindster provides custom -made as well as demand-based fintech applications. You can save a lot of money and time by using ready-made versions because they include all the fundamental features needed for a fintech app.