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October 16 - 20

Client Requirement

The goal is to create personalized and easily accessible virtual experiences for personal and professional use. Ziffiy enables users to explore global hotspots, regional events, and activities virtually. Users can join or host virtual experiences through the Ziffy app.

Trippers Tech: A leading company specializing in high-quality real-time virtual experiences.

Focus on prioritizing user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) in their offerings.

Goal: Enhancing brand image and overall business performance through improved user experience.

Seeking the best UI/UX assistance to achieve their objectives.

Mindster’s Solution

The most important solution we provided to Tripeers Tech was developing better UI/UX design. Our priority was adopting a user research approach to identify customer demands and address consumer and business challenges. With Mindster’s top-notch UX/UI design, we developed the most outstanding and excellent user experience for people who need to enjoy virtual tour experiences.


Uncompromised User Experience.

Custom virtual interaction platform.

Customer satisfaction.

Users can host or join a virtual tour led by experts or volunteer facilitators.

One-of-a-kind mobile experience.

Quicker turnaround and cost-effective.

Key Features

Virtual Tour Experience.

Real-Time Interactivity

Personalized Recommendations

Multi-platform Accessibility

User-friendly Interface

High-quality Visuals

Multi-language Support

Social Sharing

Technological Tools

We used multiple tech stacks and frameworks to design our virtual tour app, including



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